Roof Rat Removal Kings River Village TX

If you are thinking of hiring a roof rat removal company in Kings River Village, Texas, then there are a few tips you need to keep in mind. You should start by doing a few things around your house. Place door sweeps on all exterior doors, install mesh covers on vents leading into your home, and seal gaps around air-conditioners and other utilities entering your home. Trim back shrubs and trees on the exterior of your home, and add metal flashing to the bottom of fruit trees and other fruit-producing trees. Place tight-fitting lids on trash cans and remove bird feeders from outdoor areas.


If you find evidence of a rat infestation in your home, call a professional rat removal company. Rats are one of the most common nuisance animals, and they can adapt to any environment. The best way to get rid of rats is to contact a rat removal company like The Critter Team. These professionals have a proven record for removing these pests. Call us for a free estimate today!

Roof rats are not only destructive, but they also pose health risks. Their powerful front teeth can gnaw through wires, causing electrical shorts, and damaging pipes and other items. Not to mention that these pests can contaminate food, cause house fires, and even transmit disease. A rat infestation is a nightmare! If you live in or around Kings River Village TX, it’s time to call a rat removal company today!


When you have a problem with roof rats, you’re probably looking for an effective rat control solution. Rats are very adaptable and can thrive in almost any environment. For your roof’s protection, you should contact a professional rat exterminator. The Critter Team has the expertise and experience to get rid of your rat problem, fast! To learn more about roof rat control, visit the website below or call us today!

Roof rats live in high-density areas, where they feed on grain, garbage, and seeds. Their nests are in trees and utility lines, which they use to gain access to your attic. Squirrels are active during the day and are often heard coming and going from the attic. When they find an attic, they burrow, build nests, and lay eggs. If you suspect a rat infestation in your home, call Elite Wildlife Services to help you get rid of the problem safely.

The Critter Team specializes in the removal of raccoons, squirrels, and other nuisance animals from your home. Critter Team is trained to inspect homes for signs of nuisance wildlife and can remove them from structures and trees. These pest control experts are also experienced in removing dead animals. Contact Critter Team today to find out how to get rid of raccoons and squirrels. You can call us to schedule a free inspection to find out the best way to get rid of these nuisance pests.


If you think you’re experiencing a rat infestation, you should hire a professional to remove the pest from your home. Roof rats are a specific species of rat brought to North America by European sailors and traders. They’re typically seven to eight inches in length with coarse brown or black fur. They live in colonies and thrive in high-density environments. If you suspect a rat infestation, contact Montgomery County animal services as soon as possible.

Fruit trees

Roof rats gnaw on electrical wires and wooden structures. They also damage fruit trees and nut bins. These animals are active all year round and are primarily attracted to non-crop vegetation such as fruit trees and bushes. However, if you notice that your fruit trees and nut bins are infested, you should take immediate steps to get rid of them.


Squirrels are a common nuisance in many homes. They get into all sorts of places, including your attic, and can cause serious structural damage. Not only that, but squirrels can also cause fire hazards by chewing electrical wiring insulation. You don’t want those tiny creatures gnawing on the wiring and causing a fire! Call Critter Team for expert squirrel removal in Kings River Village TX today!

Squirrels and other rodents are able to enter your home through small holes in your roof or wall. They often enter homes during the spring and fall season and breed all year round. Once inside, pregnant female squirrels will chew on walls and floors, leaving behind decaying food and urine. Infestations of these animals can be devastating to your home, so call for professional help today.

Wildlife control professionals can provide expert help for homeowners and businesses. We’ll make sure the problem is eradicated and the area is protected from future infestations. Squirrels and other rodents can cause serious structural damage, including damaged attics and walls. If you’re looking for affordable, professional help to get rid of these pests, give Critter Team a call!


If you are looking for a reliable service that provides a complete roof rat removal solution, you should know how to avoid attracting these pests in the first place. These animals are notorious for gnawing on drywall, flooring, boxes, and clothing. If you think they might be in your attic, remove any fruit trees and make sure your outdoor eating areas are clear of debris. These pests are also capable of destroying your landscaping.

Moreover, preventing the infestation of roof rats is critical because these pests have incredibly powerful front teeth. These teeth will quickly chew through any type of material, including wires and insulation. If you’re not careful, the rats could get into your home and gnaw through electrical wires, causing them to short circuit. Not to mention that they can chew through your clothing, pipes, and drywall. Aside from destroying your property, roof rats are dangerous to your health as they can contaminate food and surfaces with their saliva. In addition, they carry diseases that can be transferred from one animal to another.


When it comes to rat control in Kings River Village, Texas, you have several options. Rats are common nuisance animals that are capable of adapting to a wide variety of conditions, including roofs. If you think you’re infested with these pests, consider hiring a professional rat exterminator. At The Critter Team, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle all types of rat infestations, including roof rats.

You can prevent roof rats from invading your property by using mesh covers or door sweeps. Make sure that any utilities or air conditioners are sealed around your property. Also, remove bird feeders from your property and keep outdoor eating areas clean. Getting rid of roof rats is one of the best ways to ensure your home is rat-free for a long time to come. Roof rats will gnaw through shingles and tiles, leaving behind droppings and other debris that can cause structural damage.