If you notice any of the signs of a rat infestation on your roof, you should immediately contact a professional specializing in Roof Rat Removal Bellaire TX. There are many ways to get rid of the pests. The first step is to ensure that your home’s trash cans are tightly sealed and placed far from your home. Also, you should keep your trees trimmed back from the exterior of your home and caulk any gaps around your windows, doors, or vents. Additionally, make sure to store any food inside of your home in a refrigerator or sealed container. If you have no idea where the problem areas are, a professional will be able to identify them and solve the issue.


If your roof is infested with rodents, you may be looking for effective Roof Rat Removal Bellaire TX services. These creatures live in and around homes, and they often find every possible crack and crevice to exploit. Unfortunately, traditional traps and poisons aren’t always enough to get rid of a rodent infestation, and you may need professional help to fully eliminate the problem. A qualified professional can help you find and remove rodents from your roof, at an affordable price.

Among the most common problems associated with rodent infestations are structural damage and fire damage. Not only do rats cause fires, but they can also damage your home by chewing through electrical wires. Not only can this damage your home, but rats also carry dangerous diseases, bacteria, and parasites. In addition to their destructive behavior, rat feces can contaminate your food and can be a health risk. If you suspect a rat infestation, be sure to call a professional pest control service immediately.

Before hiring a professional to get rid of your rat problem, you should take some simple steps to minimize their numbers. First, make sure you have tight lids on garbage cans, and clean up any crumbs on counters and floors. You should also keep your trash cans at least a few feet away from your home, and seal any gaps around your doors and windows. You should also keep your food inside the refrigerator and tightly closed containers. When you call a professional, they will identify problem areas and implement measures to get rid of them.

Roof Rats are a common pest problem in Houston. They are 6 to 8 inches long and have double-long tails. Adult roof rats can weigh up to 12 ounces. Originally from Southeast Asia, they’ve adapted to the tropical climate of the area. They travel in colonies of up to 10 rodents, causing great damage. Their brown fur is soft to touch and often has black spots.

Signs of a rat infestation

One of the first signs of a roof rat infestation is the presence of rat droppings. These droppings are usually about 12-13 mm in diameter and are sharply pointed at the end. The droppings are usually soft and moist when they are freshly shed, but can be hard and dried if they have been sitting around for a while. If you notice these signs, it is probably time to call an exterminator for a roof rat infestation inspection.

Another sign of a roof rat infestation is droppings. The droppings of a rat are distinctive, being dark brown and tapered at the ends. They are also usually concentrated in the same areas. Rats poop a lot, and one rodent can produce upwards of 40 droppings overnight. The droppings may be visible under a stove or in a basement, so you should keep a close eye out for them.

One way to spot a roof rat infestation is a smell. Rats enjoy fruit. The fact that citrus orchards are abundant in Phoenix is likely why the first infestations started. The fruits provide sustenance for a variety of animals, including roof rats. Look for quarter-sized holes in fruit. The holes are made by the rat’s tail, and the core is hollowed out. Other animals don’t gnaw on fruit in this way.

Noises in the attic can be another sign of a roof rat infestation. The presence of droppings and the damage of electrical wires are also signs of a rat infestation. In addition to droppings, you might find rat nests under a hot tub or pool. Evidence of digging can also be found underneath a doghouse or garden tool shed. If you notice any of these signs, you can contact a local pest control professional for a roof rat removal.


When it comes to roof rat removal Bellaire TX, traps can be an effective way to control a rat infestation. Roof rats are common nuisance animals that can cause extensive damage to homes and businesses. These rodents have a wide range of behavior and can adapt to almost any type of environment. If you suspect a rat infestation, call The Critter Team for help. Our team of pest control experts can help you determine the best solution for your particular situation.

Despite their cute faces, rats are not only unsightly. They can damage structures and cause health problems. Rats can gnaw through plastic and wood to find a warm place to nest. Their feces and urine can cause illnesses. The best way to keep rats away is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. You can get rid of them permanently by using a combination of traps and extermination.

Generally, roof rats live in high areas and migrate indoors during the winter months. Unlike other rodents, these creatures are not easy to catch. They can be difficult to find, and traditional traps are often insufficient. Using traps in difficult locations is essential for effective control. For instance, the roof of a building may be protected by a thick layer of shingles to provide cover for rodents.

After the traps have caught the rodents, they may die in the attic or behind drywall. This can be expensive, especially when you try to use rat poison. Also, if you can’t catch the rodents, rat poisoning may be necessary. Ultimately, traps are the most effective method of roof rat removal Bellaire TX. It is also the best solution for preventing future infestations.


If you want a rat-free attic, you should use the services of a nuisance wildlife removal company. These experts are trained to handle this type of wildlife infestation and do not use poisons. They use methods that are approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Check out the list of diseases and illnesses that rodents can carry to learn how to avoid rat-infested homes.

You should avoid eating food that has been contaminated by rats. In addition to destroying the taste of your food, you also run the risk of getting sick. Food and water that has been contaminated with rat feces can cause health risks. Fortunately, the best way to prevent the spread of these diseases is by contacting a professional pest control company. In addition to removing rodents from your attic, you can avoid the risk of contracting any of the illnesses listed above.

If you are dealing with a roof rat infestation, you should look for the signs of infestation. Roof rats often inhabit the upper portions of a building, and they live in colonies that are highly dependent on human presence. They return to the same source of food time again. Their long claws and teeth make them a serious risk to your property. They can cause serious damage to your property, so getting rid of them is essential.

The presence of roof rats or Norway rats in your home or building is often a signal of their presence. You may also notice damage to outdoor vegetation. Trapping is necessary to identify the species and determine if the rats are Norway or roof rats. Roof rats can live in low to moderate numbers outdoors and may leave little or no evidence of their presence. You should call a pest control company if you notice these rat infestation signs.


The best way to prevent rat infestations in your home is to take precautionary measures. Rats are nocturnal animals that spend the warmer months in the upper part of buildings. Because they are dependent on humans, they return to the same area for food and shelter. As a result, roof rats can quickly damage your property. Prevention is always better than a cure. To prevent rat infestation, follow these simple steps.

Remove any overhanging branches that could allow rats to enter the home. Tree branches and other vegetation can provide the perfect breeding ground for these pests. To prevent these pests from gaining entry, cut back branches that can get under shingles. If you find any damage to your roof, contact Diversified Roofing to repair the damage. Listed below are some simple steps to prevent roof rat infestations.

Inspect the attic and surrounding area for evidence of rat infestation. This can include droppings and visible signs of the presence of other rodents. Rats will often leave clear trails between insulation and walls and may eat wiring in the attic. They can also ruin electrical systems, including ceiling lights. Insulation may also have holes or be pulled out of walls. Excess moisture can also indicate a roof leak.

Preventing rat infestations is crucial if you want to avoid the need for a roof rat removal Bellaire TX. Roof rats are nocturnal creatures that spend 90 percent of their time in the air. As a result, they live primarily above ground level. Some people place bird feeders in their yards to attract wild birds, which is an enjoyable addition to any yard. But they attract rats and they love to eat birdseed!